12131 Science Dr.
Orlando, FL. 32826
+1 (407) 277-7570
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Company Profile

A Brief History Causey Machine Works was founded by Navy Master Machinist Jim Causey in 1980 in Orlando, Florida. The goal was simple: quality work at a competitive price. We've upgraded our equipment, expanded our staff and improved our methods, but the goal still remains the same. In the last 30 years we have been operating primarily in the power generation and simulation manufacturing markets. Causey Machine Works, Inc.
  • Causey Machine Works is located in UCF's Research Park near the Intersection of Science Drive and Alafaya Trail in Orlando, Florida.

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Commitment to Quality

Visual Comparator Analysis and Planning The production process at Causey Machine Works starts with Analysis and Planning. When you place an order with us, we analyze, research, and document all requirements to ensure every detail is replicated.

Execution Your projects will be carried out on properly maintained equipment and by highly-trained personnel. We utilize our quality control system to provide error checking and failsafe procedures to ensure your projects progress on-time.
Calipers Inspection Every step of the manufacturing process is inspected and verified by our ISO 9001 compliant quality assurance department. This maximizes efficiency and ensures that your quality requirements are met or exceeded.
Adherence to Standards Our quality control systems are ISO 9001 certified by an ANAB accredited certification body. We hold our suppliers to the same quality standards we abide by, our procedures are internally audited on a monthly basis, and externally audited annually.
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